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When to use our scissor sharpening service

Why service my scissors

You may have been told “Some scissors never need sharpening”. That is not true. Regardless of quality of craftsmanship or materials, all scissors will eventually require servicing and sharpening. The razor sharpness of any scissor edge will slowly become rounded due to the friction caused by repeated cutting of hair.
Why do scissor blades wear or become less efficient?

  1. The more clients’ hair cut in a day by one stylist will lead to a faster blunting of the blades than those by a stylist who may not cut as many.

  2. Coarse hair will dull blades faster than soft fine hair.

  3. Nicks and blade damage greatly speed up the dulling process. If you drop and nick a scissor that has previously been cutting perfectly, you can actually feel it dull during the next few haircuts as a result of the nick.

  4. Product build-up on the blades (which happens when you don’t properly clean the scissor) greatly increases blade friction, which causes dulling.

  5. Improper sharpening not only seriously damages the scissor, but also leads to more frequent sharpening. For example, even though the scissor may feel smooth after being serviced, you can still have a problem. If the smoothness has been achieved by over polishing rather than by proper application of the edge, the shear will feel as though it is performing correctly for a short period of time, but in reality, the edge will not last and will have to be sharpened again prematurely.

How do I know when my scissors need servicing?

If you feel any roughness in the edge as you cut, first wipe the blades thoroughly and oil them. If the roughness continues, you probably have a nick in the edge and should have the scissor serviced immediately to avoid further damage.

If the scissor pushes hair off the end of the blade, leaving an uneven line when you cut a section, your blades have probably become blunt. Before you send them in for service, however you should try adjusting the tension to make certain the problem is not loose blades.

If you drop your scissor, two things can happen:

  1. You may have only affected the tension  and a simple adjustment mayl bring the scissor back to its proper feel.

  2. If the blades were open when the scissor fell it is likely there will be a nick in one or both of the blades. To determine the damage slowly close the blades feeling for any roughness in the edge. If the blades hang up, snag or catch on a nick when you try to close them, do not force them closed as this will further damage the scissor. Instead, push the blades apart,close the scissors and send immediately for service.
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